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Los Angeles County Law Firm Offers Aggressive Criminal Defense

Tough California attorneys fight for clients facing serious charges

If you are facing charges for manslaughter, sexual assault or another felony offense, choosing a criminal defense lawyer to represent you is one of the most critical decisions you will make. With your future at stake, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney by your side, fighting for your rights and freedom at every step of the process. The attorneys at Chacon, Reyna & Gomez Law Center, in West Covina, have provided determined and effective criminal defense to clients throughout Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas for a combined 22 years. We will work tirelessly to obtain justice on your behalf.

Criminal defense firm offers winning strategies and strong representation

An effective criminal defense strategy starts with an experienced lawyer who knows how to win cases. When you choose Chacon, Reyna & Gomez Law Center to defend you, you benefit from our:
  • Strategic focus — From the moment we first take a case, we focus on how to win it. There is no wait-and-see approach that you might find at some criminal defense firms. We get to work immediately to understand the situation and find favorable evidence and witnesses. This approach gives us a head start in achieving a favorable outcome. In some cases, our early intervention may even stop charges from being filed.
  • Zealous advocacy — Whether you are facing a serious felony offense or a simple misdemeanor, we know the stakes. We are prepared to use all of the resources at our disposal to defend you, by challenging the prosecutor’s evidence, conducting thorough cross-examination of prosecution witnesses, and making powerful legal arguments on your behalf.
  • Solid reputation in the legal community — Don’t let a hostile prosecutor intimidate you into accepting a mediocre plea bargain. Our attorneys have proven track records in the courtroom, and prosecutors know we can win cases. If striking a deal is in your best interests, we have the skills and reputation to negotiate the best deal possible.
When you are facing serious criminal charges, your choice of defense counsel can make a difference in the outcome of your case. If you choose us, you can count on a focused and aggressive effort to protect your name, reputation and liberty.
Areas of Practice

California lawyers provide comprehensive criminal defense representation

Our practice is devoted exclusively to providing criminal defense representation to people throughout Los Angeles County on a wide range of charges:
  • Criminal Defense: Facing criminal charges is an overwhelming and stressful experience. If you have been arrested, you need zealous and tenacious criminal defense attorneys to fight for your rights. Let us use our experience and knowledge to defend your case.
  • Murder/manslaughter — There are no criminal charges more serious than those involving the unlawful death of another person. If you have been charged with murder, manslaughter or vehicular homicide, our experienced criminal defense attorneys will provide aggressive representation to obtain the best possible outcome.
  • Sexual offenses/sexual assaults — Conviction for a sex offense can result in imprisonment, registration as a sex offender and being ostracized from the community. If you are facing charges for sexual assault, solicitation of a prostitute, lewd conduct or another sexual offense, we will provide a vigorous defense to protect your good name.
Whether you are accused of a violent crime, white collar crime, drug crime, or DWI, we provide a tenacious defense targeted to your best interests. We also help those who wish to wipe their records clean through sealing or expungement. No matter what charges you face, we will fight for your rights from start to finish with the determination you deserve.

Contact an experienced Los Angeles County criminal defense attorney for a free initial consultation.

Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer can be a difficult decision. To make the process easier for you, Chacon, Reyna & Gomez Law Center offers a free initial consultation. Please call us at 626-667-7703 or contact our West Covina office online.
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